Aquafit Classes at Claramount

aquafit classes at Claramount

Fun and fitness in Claramount Inn & Spa’s heated saltwater pool

The activity in Aquafit classes help Keep muscles and joints exercised. This helps avoid paint for those with many arthritic and muscular conditions where weight-bearing is involved. Claramount Inn & Spa’s heated salt water pool offers a unique experience to exercise and strengthen while relieving pain and relaxing tense muscles. Certified instructors lead classes for a diverse group with various levels of fitness and mobility.

Small class sizes allow instructors to provide personal attention and individual modifications. The warm saltwater provides a safe and therapeutic exercise environment for those with arthritis, fibromyalgia and other conditions as well as those rehabilitating from hip and knee replacements. . Heat has long been used to relieve the discomfort of painful joints and muscles. The added buoyancy of the saltwater allows for gentle, low-impact movement. Each class focuses on muscular stretching and strengthening with an element of yoga. High intensity classes are also available for those looking for a more advanced workout.


“The Aquafit program has made a big difference to my well-being. I have less back pain and the classes always give my day a boost. The warm salt water just eases away the pain and stress of your day, it’s like a mini holiday.” –Robin
“Claramount’s pool is a beautiful facility… a real gem of a place for aqua fit workout.” -Mary

“I’ve been coming to the Claramount pool for over two years. Inspiration was to prepare for hip surgery at a time when I could do little exercise. The warm salt water pool and the aerobics of Aquafit got me ready. Had hip replacement and with my Claramount muscles left the hospital after one night. I’m still enjoying it there.” –Buffy



Aqua Classes have been put on hold until further notice (will likely start back up in the Spring).  

You can sign up for a one on one session with our Aqua Instructor.

For more information & to book a one on one session, please contact our Aquafit Instructor directly.

Fidel 613-399-2624 or

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